Bayville Economic Development Group

BEDG_2Mission Statement

The Bayville Economic Development Group was formed in late 2015. The group will study alternatives to revitalize the Village’s business districts, which have a high vacancy rate. The group will conduct a village-wide survey on the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the business districts. The group, listed on this page, consists of local residents, business owners, and community members.


Members of the BEDG

  • Joe Gleicher
  • Cathy Maywald
  • Donna Jacobi
  • Ann Walsh
  • Steve Haar
  • Chuck Panetta
  • Frank Martocci
  • George Jehn
  • Susan Cloninger
  • Bill Reinhardt
  • Paul Canarick
  • Madeline Johnson
  • Michael Gjoni
  • George Koustakis
  • Ina Romano
  • Carlo Mansueto
  • Roula Savvas