What is the Planning Board?

The Planning Board considers and reviews land subdivisions to ensure the orderly, efficient and economical development of land in Bayville.

The Planning Board is organized under the provisions of the Village Law of the State of New York and has all the powers therein conferred and is subject to all duties imposed therein.

Board Composition

The Planning Board consists of five active members, each appointed for a term of five years, and up to four Ad Hoc members each appointed for a term of one year.  A Chairperson is selected from within the membership. The Board is assisted by a professional staff consisting of Village Engineers, the Village Attorney and the board secretary.

Planning Board Meetings

The Planning Board meets once a month on the third Tuesday at 7:30 PM in Village Hall. Public Hearings are scheduled in advance and are subject to notification requirements.

Future Proposals

Applicants who are contemplating a proposal for their property must complete an application and submit it to the Planning Board along with the current fee made payable to the Incorporated Village of Bayville.  Applications may be obtained at Village Hall or online.