Requests for Proposals

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is used to procure goods and/or services totaling less than $20,000 in which funding is available for a particular project or program. An RFP invites businesses to submit proposals to provide goods and/or services to complete a project or start a program.

RFPs are reviewed by the Village to determine feasibility and the ability of the business to fulfill what it has proposed. The aim is to assure that goods and/or services are purchased at a fair price and that the project or program will move forward in a timely fashion.

An RFP provides detailed information on the project or program, but sometimes gives leeway for a business to come up with its own plan as to how a project would be completed or how a program would be run.

Below is a list of current RFPs open to businesses in and around Bayville.

Open RFPs

Currently, there are no RFPs available.