Arts Council

To Recognize, Support and Encourage Bayville Artists

Celebrating art and our artists with showcases, events, displays and more. Creating an even more beauty-filled Bayville.

“Art is too important not to share.”

Romero Britto

Bayville’s quiet beauty has long made it attractive to artists of all kinds. There are writers and painters and poets and musicians sharing our beaches and sitting besides us at the luncheonette.

If you are an artist living in Bayville, NY: a musician, singer, composer, dancer, duck caller, painter, photographer, graphic designer, sculptor, comedian, culinary artist, director, puppeteer — whatever your medium — we invite you to share your art with our community to create an even more beauty-filled Bayville.

The newly installed Bayville Arts Council will celebrate art and our artists with showcases, events, displays and more.

Artists, please introduce yourself: or call 516 628-1439

Listing of Bayville Artists

Events and Exhibitions

Bayville Visual Artists  Facebook Site

Bayville Hall of Artists

Call for Artists to Participate

Council Members

Philip A. Pecorino, Chairperson
Cameron Carrella,  Musical Acts Coordinator
Carla Gould Cassidy, Lighting Coordinator
Laura DeNatale, Youth Art Coordinator
Robert E. De Natale, Liaison Trustee
Robert M. Nigro, Facilitator
Vicki Siegel, Advisor and Consultant