Below are forms that can be downloaded and printed at home. If you cannot find the form you are looking for, please contact us and let us know. We can help you get the right form and update our online resources.

For forms being submitted to the Building Department: Most forms are form-fillable and may be submitted for expedited electronic review, with supporting documentation, in PDF format only. Signatures shall be electronic signature, digital signature, or handwritten. Alternatively, you may print out and handwrite the application to scan and send as a PDF or submit a paper application and documents to the Building Department. If your PDF-reader software does not support the SUBMIT button function located on the PDF, all completed applications may be emailed to, indicating the address and type of application in the subject field. No hybrid applications will be accepted. Please contact the Building Department at 516-628-1439 ext. 121 with any questions.

Absentee Ballot Application (English and español)

Affidavit of Exemption to Show WC Insurance

Air Conditioning Permit Application

Architectural Review Application

Application for Business License/Place of Assembly Certificate

Boating Application

Building Permit Application

Change of Use Permit Application

Coastal Assessment Form (Coastal Erosion Hazard Area Maps)

Demolition Permit Application

Dumpster & POD/Container Permit Application

Early Mail Ballot Application (English and español)

Elevation Certificate & Instructions

Energy Code Affidavit

Fence Permit Application

Filming Permit Application


Garage Sale Permit Application

Generator Permit Application

Instructions for Requesting House Plans

Landscaping/Tree Service Contractor License Application

NYSDEC-USACE Joint Application (Tidal Wetlands Maps)

Plumbing License Application

Plumbing Permit Application

Septic/Drywell Permit Application

Shed Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

Site Development Plan Application

Street Opening/Curb Cut Application

Subdivision Application

Swimming Lessons for Kids Sign-up Form

Swimming Pool Permit Application

Tree Removal Permit Application

Use of Facilities

Zoning Variance Application

Property Tax Exemption Forms

Nassau County Department of Assessment – Exemption Forms & Information

As a non-assessing unit, the Inc. Village of Bayville does not process exemption applications or make determinations as to eligibility for exemptions. Anyone seeking to apply for an exemption must do so through the Nassau County Department of Assessment.

Requirements for Bayville Beach Parking Permits

Bayville beaches are for Village residents only.


Access to beach parking lots requires a BAY sticker or a guest pass, which can be obtained at Village Hall. In order for a vehicle to be issued a BAY sticker, it must be registered to a Bayville address. The vehicle’s current state registration document/card must be presented at the counter when applying for a BAY sticker. Driver’s licenses, insurance cards, or temporary registrations will not be accepted as proof of residency for the purpose of issuing a BAY sticker.

If your car is not registered to a Bayville address, and you are living in Bayville, you must present two forms of identification to prove residency such as a utility bill, bank statement, credit card bill or lease agreement in order to obtain a guest pass. If you’re a Bayville resident using a company car, in addition to providing acceptable proof of residency, you must obtain a letter from the company stating that you are authorized to use the car in order to get a guest pass.

A BAY sticker or guest pass is required year-round for parking at the beaches. Vehicles parked at beaches without a BAY sticker or guest pass will be ticketed.

How to get a guest parking pass

If you are are a Bayville Resident and have guests coming to visit, you can apply for a guest parking pass. To do so, simply complete the form below and bring it to Village Hall.