The boating season begins April 15th and ends November 15th of each year. We offer mooring spaces, launching permits, dinghy and kayak storage spaces at West Harbor Beach and Creek Beach Marina. All boats and boating equipment docked, berthed, located or left at Village facilities are so left at the sole risk of the owner of said boats or boating equipment and permission to so dock, berth or locate such property is conditioned upon the owner’s acceptance of said risk.

All boat and boating equipment owners are reminded to obtain adequate insurance before making use of Village facilities. Village rules, regulations and ordinances have been promulgated to create fairness among the members of the boating public. Violators of these rules, regulations and ordinances will be subject to revocation of the license pursuant to these conditions and denied the use of all Village facilities.

Boating Safety
Marine Facilities Rules & Regulations
2017 Boating Season
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