Requirements for Bayville Beach Parking Permits

Bayville beaches are for Village residents only.

Access to beach parking lots requires a BAY sticker or a guest pass, which can be obtained at Village Hall. In order for a vehicle to be issued a BAY sticker, it must be registered to a Bayville address. The vehicle’s current state registration document/card must be presented at the counter when applying for a BAY sticker. Driver’s licenses, insurance cards, or temporary registrations will not be accepted as proof of residency for the purpose of issuing a BAY sticker.

If your car is not registered to a Bayville address, and you are living in Bayville, you must present two forms of identification to prove residency such as a utility bill, bank statement, credit card bill or lease agreement in order to obtain a guest pass. If you’re a Bayville resident using a company car, in addition to providing acceptable proof of residency, you must obtain a letter from the company stating that you are authorized to use the car in order to get a guest pass.

A BAY sticker or guest pass is required year-round for parking at the beaches. Vehicles parked at beaches without a BAY sticker or guest pass will be ticketed.

How to get a guest parking pass

If you are are a Bayville Resident and have guests coming to visit, you can apply for a guest parking pass. To do so, simply complete the form below and bring it to Village Hall.

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